Open Junior-/Bachelor-/Diploma-/Master Theses

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Ongoing Junior-/Bachelor-/Diploma-/Master Theses

  • Andreas Borowski: "Mesh Based Estimation of Concavities in Multi-View Reconstructions", Master Thesis
  • Stefan Huy: "Color Correction Using Two Color Checkers", Diploma Thesis

Finished Junior-/Bachelor-/Diploma-/Master Theses

  • Ingo Wehmeyer: "Real-Time Stereo-Rendering of Free-Viewpoint-Video", Diploma Thesis, June 2009
  • Timo Dorsch: "Algorithms for the Voxel Based Creation and Optimization of Person Models from Multiple Camera Data", Master Thesis, April 2009
  • Gang Li: "Color Calibration of Multiple Camera Video Data"; Junior Thesis, December 2006.
  • Miao Hao: "JPEG2000 Single Image Compression of Color and Depth Information from Multiple Camera Views"; Bachelor Thesis, December 2006
  • Tobias Klinder: "Geometrical Rib-Cage Modelling, Detection, and Segmentation"; Diploma Thesis, November 2006 (second tutor)
  • Eugen Okon: "Creation of Mesh Parametrizations on Triangulated Surfaces without Boundary"; Bachelor Thesis, September 2006.
  • Denny Knoche: "Lifting-based Coding of Dynamic 3D-Objects"; Diploma Thesis, 2006 (coached together with Nikolce Stefanoski)